Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are unique and elegant flowering plants that make a spectacular addition to the home or garden. A very popular choices are calla lilies bridal bouquets and cut flower arrangements. White calla lilies are quite common, but these flowers are also available in an array of beautiful colors including various shades of green, pink, red, purple, yellow, peach, black and orange. The elegant calla lily has been the muse of artists for centuries. Not surprisingly, the glorious flower is tied to magnificence and beauty and is a traditional symbol of marriage.


Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquets

Few fresh cut flowers offer the elegance and versatility of the calla lilies. If you are designing your own wedding bouquet, centerpieces or arrangements, the calla lilies will provide all of the style, color and beauty you require.

The white calla lilies are the traditional wedding flowers. For a simple bridal bouquet, tie ten to twelve calla lilies with floral tape approximately six inches below the flower. Next, using ribbon that matches your wedding theme's color, cover the tape and tie a simple bow. Your walk down the aisle will exude class and understated sophistication with this beautiful, and simple to make, calla lily wedding bouquet.

If you prefer more color variety in your wedding flower arrangement, consider using the mini calla. A slightly shorter cousin to the standard calla lilies, the mini calla offers tremendous color selection and versatility, often available in shades of white, pink, yellow and red, depending on the season.

Open the palm of your hand and place five standard length, white calla lilies flat in your hand. Arrange the flowers so that the middle flower is the tallest and the others slightly lower, roughly forming an arrow shape. Next, add eight mini calla lilies of pink, yellow or red and continue to fill out the arrowhead shape. Gently close the palm of your hand to solidify the wedding bouquet's shape and tie with floral tape. Finish once again with the ribbon of your choice.

Calla lilies work wonderfully with other fresh cut flowers as well. Roses are a great compliment to a calla lily wedding bouquet or arrangement. Alternate roses and calla lilies while designing your next wedding bouquet, posie or nosegay. The differences between the flowers' shapes and contours will fill out your bridal bouquet, and add depth, dimension, shape and color.

Don't be afraid to experiment with color. Pink roses and white calla lilies create the soft, pastel atmosphere of fairytales. Green roses and white calla lilies will announce your modern and stylish approach to life, while dark red roses and white calla lilies create a dramatic presentation that will catch the eye of every guest.

Be sure to incorporate calla lilies into your table centerpieces as well. Mini callas are great for table arrangements that don't force your guests to stretch their necks over towering designs that block everyone's view. Plus, with the wide color selection available, you are sure to find the perfect combination for your event's style and theme.

Calla lilies have style, elegance and a variety of colors and sizes, so you can't go wrong.


Calla Lilies Growth And Care

Calla Lilies are largely cultivated indoors in homes and greenhouses. When you plant your Calla Lily, it is important that the soil is free from salt since Calla Lilies are very sensitive to salt. As long as you provide your Calla Lily with appropriate soil, plenty of water and lot of sunlight it is actually a though and durable plant that grows fast. Use a nutritious soil that drains easily. Place your Calla Lily in direct sunlight or light shade. Calla Lilies will do best when the temperatures are kept over 70 degrees F.

An outdoor living Calla Lily will usually require no fertilization as long as it has been planted in rich soil. Indoor Calla Lilies, or outdoor Calla Lilies that are planted in pots, should be given liquid plant food regularly. You can either mix a very weak plant food solution and use every time you water your Calla Lilies, or mix a little stronger - but still quite mild - solution and feed your plant every three weeks.

When the blossoming period is over, you should allow the foliage of the calla to mature. Remove the flowers as the start to fade and wither. Slowly decrease the amount of water until the leaves have turned black. The tubers need at least 3 months to rest before they can bloom again. Since the Calla Lilies grow fast they will eventually require repotting, and this is the ideal time to do so.


Calla Lilies' Origins

The Calla Lilies are plants belonging to the Zantedeschia genus in the Araceae family. The genus contains seven plant species and they are all commonly referred to as Calla Lillies. Some of them have other common names as well. Zantedeschia aethiopica is also known as giant white arum lily and common arum lily. Zantedeschia albomaculata is sometimes sold as spotted arum lily, and Zantedeschia rehmannii is known as the pink arum lily. Zantedeschia elliottiana has a yellow shade and is therefore called yellow or golden arum lily. The other three species, Zantedeschia odorata, Zantedeschia jucunda and Zantedeschia pentlandii, are usually called just Calla Lilies.

All the Calla Lilies originate from the African continent and are found wild between north Malawi and South Africa. They are often referred to as Arum Lilies. The Calla Lilies should not be confused with the flowers found in the genus named Calla that can be found in the Araceae family. This genus contains only one species, the Calla palustris, and unlike the Calla Lilies, this plant is native to cool regions in the temperate zoon and grows wild in Europe, North America and northern Asia. Another source of confusion regarding the Calla Lilies is that they actually do not belong to the family of the lilies.

The Calla Lilies are all rhizomatous plants that can reach a height of 1-2.5 meters. The leaves will grow up to 45 centimetres. The name Calla is derived from the Greek language and means 'beautiful' and this is a very appropriate name since the Calla Lilies are appreciated world wide for their exquisite beauty.


Calla Lilies For Weddings

Calla lilies are quite different than Asiatic or day lilies. Rather than a profusion of leaves fanning out from a center, calla lilies are shaped like one graceful open bell or vase. Their sleek form is wonderful for creating floral displays that are graphic, restrained, or contemporary. Calla lilies can be used in more traditional ways, but for the most part, they are favored by brides seeking a modern chic style for their weddings.

Calla lilies make excellent single flower bouquets (as in one variety of flower, not one single bloom). Calla lilies cluster very tightly at their stems, and then flare out to a beautiful full round bouquet. Another stunning option for calla lilies is a dramatic arm bouquet tied with a big satin ribbon with long trailing streamers. This is an interesting alternative to the round bouquet, and it is also a nice way to showcase the long stems of the flowers.

The graceful and lean lines of calla lilies and their impressive array of color options make them a natural choice for the centerpieces, as well. Callas tend to look best in simple arrangements that show off their unique shape and long stems. Tall clear vessels are the ideal vase for a chic calla lily centerpiece. The elegance and modern style of calla lilies makes a wonderful addition to any contemporary wedding design.


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